Atlanta Mobile Music

I’m pleased to announce that the Atlanta Mobile Music project is now live. This is a community project based on my research on the mobile habits of commuters. Our goal is to create a sense of community among MARTA commuters based on a shared love of music. You can learn more about the project by visiting the homepage. If you are interested in participating, and you ride MARTA, please tell us what you are listening to on your commute by sending the artist, song title, and your MARTA train line / bus route to our Facebook, Twitter, email, or text/call line (404-594-4036). Marta Music

Please check out the communal playlist and our trending music charts.

Becca J.G. Godwin wrote a nice article about the project for the AJC. We were also recognized by SouthArts.

Special thanks to our partners Georgia State University’s School of Film, Media, & Theatre, Liquid Blackness, the Creative Media Industries Institute and the MARTA Army and to our sponsor Georgia State University’s Center for Collaborative and International Arts.


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